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Dear EffYeahNerdfighters,

My name is Shawn - I’m Uncultured Project on YouTube. You might know me from my P4A video where I helped to build the school in Bangladesh named after John Green.

I’m asking for you to vote for The Uncultured Project here: http://dft.ba/-webbyvote

I’m asking this for three reasons:

  1.  I’ve been nominated for a Webby – but I’m not going to win the Judge’s Award. The era of individuals with a camera winning a Webby are over. It’s all about big corporations, big NGOs, and big funding. My only hope at a Webby is to win the People’s Choice version of this award.
  2. There’s a difference between being a fan and being part of a community. All the other nominees are bigger, well-funded, properly staffed, and have huge fanbases. But there is a difference between a fanbase and a community. I want to show that a community can accomplish things that money and fans can’t.
  3. I will lose this without all the help I can get. Hank Green, Michael Buckley, and Tyler Oakley, and many others have helped me take the lead. But, with ten days left, everyday that lead shrinks by several percentage points. I will lose with without your support. Even with your help it will be an uphill battle. But I’d rather lose with your support than lose never knowing what could have been if I didn’t ask.

I’ve never asked for help on a voting contest if I thought it was just for my own benefit. But I can see how this could help me – especially now that I’ve had to come out of the closet and my world has been turned upside down. I want to sustain this project – and winning a Webby could be an important stepping stone.

This is one of many attempts to film this video in the middle of Bangladesh New Year’s celebrations. The Bangladesh calendar is a bit different than the Gregorian Calendar. And, as you can see, I just gave up and decided to write it all out instead :)

Shawn has collaborated with Nerdfighteria many times over the years to do some really incredible work. You can help him continue that work with a few simple clicks. Please vote!

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SO CLOSE TO 75,000!!!

The KIVA Nerdfighters team is really close to the 75,000 loans milestone!


Kiva is a microfinance website that allows us in the more well off part of the world to help others through small micro loans. You lend $25 to someone, and they pay you back over 6 months or more.

Right now you get to try it out without adding your own money, some rich dude has already put in the money so you just have to choose who to lend the money to. By pressing the link and joining, you’re also giving a bonusloan to the person who invited you.

AND, both bonus loans will be added to the Nerdfighter team’s total number!


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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I have created a Facebook-event right here: http://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/events/403283843098830 Where you can join so that John will be able to come to Sweden! And if you’ve already bought it for yourself, buy it for a friend, a sibling, a family member, your dog, your plant, ANYTHING WITH A PULSE WILL DO. Guys, LET’S MAKE JOHN COME TO SWEDEN. GERONIMO!



CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I have created a Facebook-event right here: http://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/events/403283843098830 Where you can join so that John will be able to come to Sweden! And if you’ve already bought it for yourself, buy it for a friend, a sibling, a family member, your dog, your plant, ANYTHING WITH A PULSE WILL DO. Guys, LET’S MAKE JOHN COME TO SWEDEN. GERONIMO!


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****IT’S KI7A TIME!****

So as you might have heard by now, October 26th is Kiva’s 7th birthday! To celebrate this, the team captains have joined forces with EffYeahNerdfighters to show the people over at the Kiva office just how much we love them!

Starting RIGHT NOW, and throughout October, we’re holding a Nerdfighter fundraiser that is going to French ALL The Llamas! There’s no reason not to donate! 

Every single penny collected will be donated to Kiva at the end on the month, not as loans though, no, we’ve got better plans! We’re gonna buy them proper gifts that they actually want! You see Kiva’s got a wishlist over at Amazon so we know exactly what they want! (You can check out their wishlist here: http://dft.ba/-kivawishlist)
We’ve set up a Nerdfighter account on PayPal to receive all your generous donations to. All you have to do is donate $5 or more, via a direct PayPal transfer to the PayPal account connected to nerdvember@gmail.com.

So go ahead and donate as much as you want! Help spread the news about KI7A across the interwebz on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, the NING, Your Pants, YouTube and every other forum where Nerdfighters hang out! #KI7A FTW!

For more specifics, see this very informative flyer: http://dft.ba/-donate2kiva

And if you have any questions, ask away!

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In just a few days SHIT is GONNA go DOWN over at Kiva.org, cause the captains of  Nerdfighter team are launching their most epic campaign ever - #Ki7a! 

I feel really bad, because there is now way for me to describe how epic this event is gonna be!

All I can say is that if you’re not a member of the Kiva Nerdfighter team yet, NOW is THE FRIKKIN TIME to JOIN! Cause you do NOT wanna miss this.

It’s free and since Kiva is like the best thing that’s happened since toast, they’re gonna let you give someone elses money away the first time you try it.

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Hi! If you haven’t joined Kiva yet, now is definitely the time! 

1) Every person I recruit gets a free trial loan 

2) AND I get a bonus loan for every person I recruit

3) AAAAND all the loans will we credited to the nerdfighter team!

Our goal is to reach 1000 000 dollars in loans and we’re really close to getting there! 


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I’ve decided to go train hopping this summer and couchsurf my way through Europe. So far I’ve managed to find a nerdfighter in Belgium (Antwerpen) and one in Austria (Vienna) to meet up with, and both of them are going to try to gather more nerdfighters who live in the area.

I haven’t met any nerdfighters IRL before and I’m sooo FRAKKIN EXCITED!!!!

If you live in Holland (Amsterdam), Belgium (Antwerpen), France (Paris, Biarratz, Bayonne), Spain (Barcelona), Switzerland (Geneve, Zürich), Italy (Venezia), Denmark (Köbenhavn) , Croatia (Zagreb) or Austria (Vienna) and want to meet up between the 15th and 25th of July,  send me a message!

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I am an “intellectual loner”!


So the Daily Star has written an article about Nerdfighters, in which we are described as “intellectual loners” and members of a “bizzare internet cult”. Apparently I also “watch the Harry Potter and Star Trek movies all the time”. I love it when journalists try to talk about what they don’t understand! (For more examples of this, see every “videogames are bad for people” article ever.)

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Kiva Nerdfighters to #1


The nerdfighters kiva group is about to become the all-time largest group on the site. I think it would be an awesome Hanko de Mayo event if it happened today.

New members can still join the nerdfighters group and make their first loan entirely for free thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Join now and let’s get to #1 on Hank’s birthday! Also, thanks to everyone who has emailed their senators and congresspeople today. You guys are amazing.

(Kiva.org is a web site that allows regular people to make low-interest loans to business start-ups in the developing world.)

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This is a Hank Green appreciation post.



Hank Green is one helluva man, if you ask me, and I really owe him one. First off, Hank has taught me incredibly valuable lessons ranging from how to exit the friend zone to giraffe sex. In all seriousness, I have learned a lot from Hank and his awesome nerdy music never fails to put me in a good mood. Hank also named his album after me, making my name quite known in the wonderful land of Nerdfighteria. I cannot tell you how many friendships that caused and for that I am thankful. That being said, I have decided to name my first album Hank Green. The album will include 10 of my original piano solos, each named after incredible people that have one time or another, reminded me to be more awesome. HAPPY HANKO DE MAYO!  

Ellen Hardcastle is naming her album Hank Green. Oh Nerdfighteria, you never let me down!

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Happy Hanko De Mayo! Happy birthday Hank Green!


Happy Hanko De Mayo! Happy birthday Hank Green!

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Happy Hankdemayo everybody!


Amazing nerdfighteria-themed art deco mini posters!  These were made by a nerdfighter named Katie M!

She so kindly made these for use for The Nerdfighter Note Project 2012! Feel free to print these off and slide them into books, or use them as mini posters and leave them places, like bulletin boards!

Don’t know what The Nerdfighter Note Project is? Never fear, Click HERE!

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