As you all know, Hank Green’s birthday is just around the corner! This year’s Hanko de Mayo is being celebrated by the Nerdfighter team over at by trying to lend an extra $55,550 dollars by 5/5 in micro loans.

And the best thing is, you can all join in WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!

Currently there are a bunch of free trial loans available which means that someone else has already paid for your first loan. All you have to do is choose who to give the money to!

When you’ve gone ahead and made the loan, it will be credited to the Nerdfighter team, and added to the teams total loan count.

All you have to do is go to this page:!

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Kiva is giving you a $25 credit when you sign up! Only a certain amount left so do it now! If you’ve never heard of Kiva, you loan small business owners from all over the world money. So, for instance, if Trinidad in Mexico requests a $500 loan for fertilizer and such for her fruit growing business, you donate a minimum of $25 (and so do others). The loan has a repayment plan and you are repaid through Kiva. You then lend that money to another business owner in another country.

So right now, you can lend $25 at no cost to you thanks to the cofounder of Linkedin, who donated $950,000 to cover a $25 credit to 38,000 new members.

So do it.

And join this community:

The video is of John Green explaining Kiva.

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Oh also not to entice you or anything…


…but I have a secret tumblr just for members of the kiva nerdfighters team that contains nothing but terrible book ideas.

So go make your first loan entirely for free, and then head over to the community section of the site, search for the nerdfighters team, and join us! (You’ll find the tumblr link in team comments.)

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citymusings asked: “I'm "Christine" from the Nerdfighter Kiva group. Thanks for posting the Kiva-overview link. I'm reblogging now. How did you get the Kiva advertisement in your sidebar? That's fabulous!! DFTBA!”

Oh, that’s great :D

I found it on Kiva’s website, there’s a whole bunch of banners and stuff you can use to promote the site. Here’s the address:

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Did you know that Nerdfighteria has an army?

It’s called the Nerdfighter Taskforce and instead of using guns and threats, we fight with kindness, love and wits.

The battlefield is over at and it looks like this:

As you can see, we’re currently in 2nd place in a whole bunch of categories and if you look at the picture below you can see that we’re also currently in 4th place when it comes to the member count.

2nd and 4th place is great, but you know what would be a whole lot better? That’s right! 1st place!!!

The teams that are beating us are doing so because they have a whole lot of more members than we do. And that’s where you come in! Joining is really easy, you can even sign in via your Facebook account!

What is you ask? Well, it looks like this:

and it’s a micro finance organization where you help other people by lending them small amounts of money so that they can expand their businesses, do home improvements or send their kids to school.

After the loan is fully funded, they start paying the money back, and on the 15th every month, you get refunded and can lend the money to someone new!

Joining the taskforce doesn’t mean you have to lend money right now, every month, or even that much.

Trust us, once you’ve joined, you’ll realize that it’s one of the most fulfilling parts of being a nerdfighter, and you’ll never wanna stop!


And like all other great battles, the battle of Kiva has been commemorated in song.

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The Nerdfighter team on is only 5% away from reaching our goal, but we need more help to get there in time!

The deadline is on 11th February and if we reach the goal, we will have lent $177,840 in total. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS! is a micro loan organization and we’ve started a Nerdfighter team there, to decrease world suck and compete against other teams at the same time!

Basically, you lend $25 (or more) to one of the thousands of people who have applied for a lone on the website, and when the loan is fully funded, they start paying you back, a couple of dollars at a time. Once you’ve been repaid you can lend the money to someone new, and it all starts over again.

Sounds simple right? Well, the problem is 5% equals about $380/day if we’re gonna reach the goal, so it’s still a lot of money for a team that doesn’t have that many members yet.

Even if you can’t lend any money today, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t join the team and help spread the word in any other way you can.

Reblog this post, join the team and DFTBA!

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Remember this post?

Well, we’ve done an amazing job over at since the time I posted that print screen.

We’re currently the 4th biggest lending team on the website!

As you can see though, we’re only 13 people ahead of the GLBT team, so if you haven’t joined yet, why not sign up now?

The minimum amount you can lend is $25 dollars, and you can choose between around 2,500 loan applications from people all over the world. After the loan is fully funded, the loan taker will start paying back the loan, and as soon as you’ve received a re-payment you can lend the money to someone else.

Even if you can’t take part in this moneywise, joining the team will help us spread the word about our cause, which is of course, to decrease world suck!

Now, if you have a few bucks left over, or if you have a savings account, you might as well invest them in, just like John suggested in this video, and help the Nerdfighter team reach our current goal (which is to reach $177,840 by February 11).

A you can see here in the picture above, we still need $23,240 (which equals roughly 930 $25 loans).

Every member and every dollar counts!

Join the Nerdfighter team and help the cause here.

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