SO CLOSE TO 75,000!!!

The KIVA Nerdfighters team is really close to the 75,000 loans milestone!


Kiva is a microfinance website that allows us in the more well off part of the world to help others through small micro loans. You lend $25 to someone, and they pay you back over 6 months or more.

Right now you get to try it out without adding your own money, some rich dude has already put in the money so you just have to choose who to lend the money to. By pressing the link and joining, you’re also giving a bonusloan to the person who invited you.

AND, both bonus loans will be added to the Nerdfighter team’s total number!

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****IT’S KI7A TIME!****

So as you might have heard by now, October 26th is Kiva’s 7th birthday! To celebrate this, the team captains have joined forces with EffYeahNerdfighters to show the people over at the Kiva office just how much we love them!

Starting RIGHT NOW, and throughout October, we’re holding a Nerdfighter fundraiser that is going to French ALL The Llamas! There’s no reason not to donate! 

Every single penny collected will be donated to Kiva at the end on the month, not as loans though, no, we’ve got better plans! We’re gonna buy them proper gifts that they actually want! You see Kiva’s got a wishlist over at Amazon so we know exactly what they want! (You can check out their wishlist here:
We’ve set up a Nerdfighter account on PayPal to receive all your generous donations to. All you have to do is donate $5 or more, via a direct PayPal transfer to the PayPal account connected to

So go ahead and donate as much as you want! Help spread the news about KI7A across the interwebz on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, the NING, Your Pants, YouTube and every other forum where Nerdfighters hang out! #KI7A FTW!

For more specifics, see this very informative flyer:

And if you have any questions, ask away!

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In just a few days SHIT is GONNA go DOWN over at, cause the captains of  Nerdfighter team are launching their most epic campaign ever - #Ki7a! 

I feel really bad, because there is now way for me to describe how epic this event is gonna be!

All I can say is that if you’re not a member of the Kiva Nerdfighter team yet, NOW is THE FRIKKIN TIME to JOIN! Cause you do NOT wanna miss this.

It’s free and since Kiva is like the best thing that’s happened since toast, they’re gonna let you give someone elses money away the first time you try it.

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Hi! If you haven’t joined Kiva yet, now is definitely the time! 

1) Every person I recruit gets a free trial loan 

2) AND I get a bonus loan for every person I recruit

3) AAAAND all the loans will we credited to the nerdfighter team!

Our goal is to reach 1000 000 dollars in loans and we’re really close to getting there! 


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Nerdfighters are the largest group on Kiva!



Nerdfighters are the largest group on Kiva!


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Kiva Nerdfighters to #1


The nerdfighters kiva group is about to become the all-time largest group on the site. I think it would be an awesome Hanko de Mayo event if it happened today.

New members can still join the nerdfighters group and make their first loan entirely for free thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Join now and let’s get to #1 on Hank’s birthday! Also, thanks to everyone who has emailed their senators and congresspeople today. You guys are amazing.

( is a web site that allows regular people to make low-interest loans to business start-ups in the developing world.)

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As you all know, Hank Green’s birthday is just around the corner! This year’s Hanko de Mayo is being celebrated by the Nerdfighter team over at by trying to lend an extra $55,550 dollars by 5/5 in micro loans.

And the best thing is, you can all join in WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!

Currently there are a bunch of free trial loans available which means that someone else has already paid for your first loan. All you have to do is choose who to give the money to!

When you’ve gone ahead and made the loan, it will be credited to the Nerdfighter team, and added to the teams total loan count.

All you have to do is go to this page:!

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Would you look at that? Nerdfighteria has reached its end-of-year goal of $500,000 halfway through March! Well done, everyone.


Would you look at that? Nerdfighteria has reached its end-of-year goal of $500,000 halfway through March! Well done, everyone.

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Kiva is giving you a $25 credit when you sign up! Only a certain amount left so do it now! If you’ve never heard of Kiva, you loan small business owners from all over the world money. So, for instance, if Trinidad in Mexico requests a $500 loan for fertilizer and such for her fruit growing business, you donate a minimum of $25 (and so do others). The loan has a repayment plan and you are repaid through Kiva. You then lend that money to another business owner in another country.

So right now, you can lend $25 at no cost to you thanks to the cofounder of Linkedin, who donated $950,000 to cover a $25 credit to 38,000 new members.

So do it.

And join this community:

The video is of John Green explaining Kiva.

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Oh also not to entice you or anything…


…but I have a secret tumblr just for members of the kiva nerdfighters team that contains nothing but terrible book ideas.

So go make your first loan entirely for free, and then head over to the community section of the site, search for the nerdfighters team, and join us! (You’ll find the tumblr link in team comments.)

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