Ok, so I love Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange (and when I say love I mean I would easily marry it and live happily ever after if that was at all possible), but I don’t actually own a copy.

The reason I don’t own a copy is because I want THIS ->  edition, and no other.

The editions’ ISBN numbers are

ISBN-10: 0141182601 
ISBN-13: 9780141182605

I’ve found this online bookstore where it’s listed, but they’re currently out of stock. I’ve e-mailed them and asked about it, but they haven’t replied :(

The problem is, that it isn’t available anywhere! Everytime I see a bookstore I go in and check for it, and I regularly go online and search for it, but so far no luck! The the few times it’s ever been in their inventory, it’s always out of stock!

Does ANYONE, ANYWHERE, have a clue of what I should do or where I should go?

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The Nerdfighter team on is only 5% away from reaching our goal, but we need more help to get there in time!

The deadline is on 11th February and if we reach the goal, we will have lent $177,840 in total. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS! is a micro loan organization and we’ve started a Nerdfighter team there, to decrease world suck and compete against other teams at the same time!

Basically, you lend $25 (or more) to one of the thousands of people who have applied for a lone on the website, and when the loan is fully funded, they start paying you back, a couple of dollars at a time. Once you’ve been repaid you can lend the money to someone new, and it all starts over again.

Sounds simple right? Well, the problem is 5% equals about $380/day if we’re gonna reach the goal, so it’s still a lot of money for a team that doesn’t have that many members yet.

Even if you can’t lend any money today, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t join the team and help spread the word in any other way you can.

Reblog this post, join the team and DFTBA!

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My sickness has now officially sunk me to the lowest level of conduct. I now have a spit bucket.*

*if I was well enough to smack myself I’d do it I swear. Instead I retort to staying in bed and avoiding all social interactions. Except for Tumblr of course. Tumblr doesn’t count.

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